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Has Your Bedroom Become The Snore Factory? 4 Clever Ways To Snore Prevention



“Ahhhh… the sweet sounds of crashing waves, the comforting calls of seagulls… and the all too common snore factory right beside you!!!

Either you are victim or someone is your prey.
Snoring is something that has plagued the bedroom since the dawn of time and if not hacked can lead to not just temporary lack of energy but long term medical issues as well!

Zzz’s for both sleep sojourners are being held back!


SO, what can you do???

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Here are 5 ways to aid the snoring loved one and yourself to get deep healthy sleep AND to help YOU relax into dreamland:



Since then main issue is the tongue placement, putting yourself in the right position that keeps the tongue from obstructing air passage is KEY.



Though cocktail hour or a nice night out are normal, being careful to not over-consume and especially just before bed can cause muscles in your throat to sag and therefore further block air.


Having personally going through a sleep study at the near Riverbend Hospital in Springfield, Oregon and taking advantage of the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy) I completely see where these two can massively make a person’s day much better.

  • Going through the sleep study at your local hospital or sleep center you get to either do an in home or at center study just for a given night.
  • Data will reveal what kind of interruptions or events are happening when the lights are out.
  • Consulting with a Doctor while going through this process is great to really unfold and unpack the ways you’ve been missing vital sleep.
  • You may have more going on at night than you think!
  • You DO NOT have to be OVERWEIGHT
  • You might be SHOCKED with the results of gently forced air making it consistently into your lungs and throughout your body.
  • Learn more about sleep studies 

4.  LISTEN TO NATURE (Try The Ocean First)

Treat your brainwaves right at night with the sound of waves and don’t be too surprised if you wake up feeling like you had a relaxing escape!
  • Whether you snore or are impacted by one BOTH of you might actually see some relaxing relief!
  • Having natural sounds verses something with words may provide better potential for sound sleep due to less patterns or disruption from too many varied sounds in a song that the brain might pick up as wake-worthy.
  • Try other natural sounds until it works for you!

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