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Has Your Bedroom Become The Snore Factory? 4 Clever Ways To Snore Prevention

    “Ahhhh… the sweet sounds of crashing waves, the comforting calls of seagulls… and the all too common snore factory right beside you!!! Either you are victim or someone is your prey. Snoring is something that has plagued the bedroom since the dawn of time and if not hacked can lead to not just … Continue reading Has Your Bedroom Become The Snore Factory? 4 Clever Ways To Snore Prevention

Fast Food & Sleep

Why fast food & sleep don’t mix Do you ever find yourself having trouble falling asleep at night and wondering why? Have you ever stopped to consider what food you’ve eaten that day? What you consume throughout the day can affect how well you sleep at night.  Foods high in fat or spicy – which … Continue reading Fast Food & Sleep

Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Treat your love with a healthy & savory breakfast in bed As the saying goes, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach – and we couldn’t agree more. And what better way to pave a path to your love than with breakfast in bed. It’s the most important meal of the day … Continue reading Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Happy St. Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day Survival Guide Got your Irish on? Today is St. Patrick’s Day and people all around the world are donning green and celebrating, showing off their Irish pride. It’s funnest day of the year to eat, drink and be merry but what spurred all this rejoicing? St. Patrick is the patron saint of … Continue reading Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Lighting & Better Sleep

Can a light bulb help you sleep better At the outset it might seem counter intuitive to think that lighting has much to do with sleep. After all, most of us don’t sleep with the lights on. A growing body of research, however, tells us that the light we’re exposed to just before we fall … Continue reading Lighting & Better Sleep

The Art of Napping

How to get the best nap of your life When we’re young, naps are an essential part of our lives. As we grow older, it’s almost frowned upon in our workaholic, North American culture. We see people who nap as lazy instead of ambitious. We perceive of it as missed time instead of a chance … Continue reading The Art of Napping

How Scent Affects Sleep

Using aromatherapy to revive and relax you Aromatherapy may not be top of mind when it comes to boosting productivity, reviving your lagging energy or the complete opposite – helping you sleep. But experts believe our sense of smell is our strongest, most influential sense. Did you know it’s 10,000 times more accurate than our … Continue reading How Scent Affects Sleep

Low Calorie Bedtime Snack Recipes

Healthy nighttime munchies under 100 calories Ever heard the theory that anything you eat before bed gets jettisoned directly to fat? The reality is that in a 24 hour period, calories in must equal calories out to maintain a healthy weight. Even if you jammed all your calories into a bedtime snack, you won’t gain … Continue reading Low Calorie Bedtime Snack Recipes

Sleep Strategies While Traveling

Get better sleep when traveling and have more fun! Summer and travel – our two favorite words. Trouble is, travel’s uninvited companion, sleep deprivation, often  hitches a ride and brings everyone down. But a few simple tips could send your sleep challenges packing, leaving you energized and ready for adventure. Reserve rest & relaxation If … Continue reading Sleep Strategies While Traveling

The Battle of the Bed

Men, Women & Sleep Sharing a bed with a partner can be as fulfilling as it is challenging. It’s comforting to reach for someone in the middle of the night and be rewarded with a warm snuggle. But if your sleep schedules differ, chaos can quickly come between you and a good night’s sleep. Night … Continue reading The Battle of the Bed

Reduce Stress, Sleep Better

Chasing a good night’s sleep Stress is a fixture of our lives – some of it good, some of it strong enough to hurt us. You know the kind we’re talking about. That tightness that begins in your gut and travels to your fingernails and earlobes like an electric snake. It makes us snap at … Continue reading Reduce Stress, Sleep Better

SuperSize Sale

It’s our SUPERSIZE SALE!  Right now, you can get a King size mattress for the price of a Queen OR a Queen size mattress for the price of a Twin on any premium mattress!  PLUS, our Radiance Collection is 40% OFF!  Hurry in to your locally owned Mattress Mania today where you always, SAVE LIKE … Continue reading SuperSize Sale

Mattress Mania is Hiring!

Mattress Mania is looking for new sales associates to join our team in Eugene, Springfield, Albany, Corvallis AND COMING SOON – MCMINNVILLE! Sales experience a plus but not necessary for this position, as we have an in-depth training program. Attention to detail, available to work standard retail business hours (including weekends and holidays), a competitive … Continue reading Mattress Mania is Hiring!

Twist Away Childhood Cancer

Mascots for a Cure is dedicated to help children and their families battling cancer.  Through their passion, relentless pursuit of their goals, and the power of mascots, they foster hope, laughter, joy, positive memories and love to support children and their families affected world-wide. September 21st has been titled National Twist Day and we were invited to help … Continue reading Twist Away Childhood Cancer

Back to School Savings

We’re your one stop Mattress store for unbeatable student specials! Click here to see some of our student mattress specials.

What is a Dream?

Explaining Dreams A dream can be explained as a succession of sensations, emotions, ideas, and images that occur involuntarily in a person’s mind during certain stages of sleep. It’s not really understood what the purpose and content of dreams are, but they have certainly been the subject of religious and philosophical interest and a topic … Continue reading What is a Dream?

Should I Take Sleeping Pills?

Prescription, over the counter & alternative sleep meds Sleep deprivation is much a part of our culture as apple pie at your Fourth of July picnic. An astounding 1 in 4 Americans say they use sleep medication on a regular basis to fall and stay asleep. If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, … Continue reading Should I Take Sleeping Pills?

Hotel, Motel, Time to Sleep In

How to sleep well during your hotel stay Screaming children sprinting down the hallway. Grinding ice machines, dinging elevators and bachelor parties just a few doors away from yours. The sleep fairies have their work cut out for them if you want to ensure a good night’s snooze at some hotels. Whether packing, racing to … Continue reading Hotel, Motel, Time to Sleep In

Summer Work Hours Survival Plan

Keeping business afloat while floating your toes at the beach… We love the summer like we love oxygen. Trouble is, even though the weather’s beautiful, business needs to continue – if everyone takes a week off work, the business does too. Hiring more staff isn’t an economical option but the pace of business can change … Continue reading Summer Work Hours Survival Plan

Sleeping Like a Hot Tamale? Get Cool as a Cucumber!

15 Tips for Cool Summer Sleeping Summertime fun means vacations, beaches, grilling and tasty iced treats. But hot weather has a gnarly side too. We’re talking those dog days of summer, when insane temperatures and humidity make it impossible to sit comfortably, let alone sleep through the night. The obvious solution for cool, calm, comfortable … Continue reading Sleeping Like a Hot Tamale? Get Cool as a Cucumber!

Anniversary Sale

It’s our 13th Anniversary!  This month, you can take 50% off an adjustable base with the purchase of a Gel Max Memory Foam Mattress!  Plus, save 20% on Select Premium Mattresses.  Stop by any one of our four stores today to start sleeping better tonight!